Opening Procedure


  • Turn on the lights.
  • Turn on Ipad
  • Unlock the Door,
  • Turn on all open signs,
  • draw all the curtains open.
  • Put on work shirt.


  • Clock-in
  • Switch the power on underneath the counter, THEN plug in the credit card read and LED sign.
  • The credit card reader requires an internet signal before powering on. (which comes from the power strip.)
  • Count the drawer and open the shift.
  • Play music in the store.
  • Plug in all display cases.
  • Make sure all power strips are switched on. (amps, keyboards, etc.)


  • Turn on the heat or air conditioner if needed. The heat should not exceed 68° F.
  • The walkways should be reasonably cleared of debris and any garbage.
  • Check for packages, leave any letters in the mailbox.
  • The front door should be reasonably smudge free.
  • Items addressed to the business can be opened.
  • Check the repairs for any work that can be done. (If authorized to do repairs).

Closing Procedure

  • Turn off all open signs.
  • Lock the doors.
  • Count the drawer and close the shift. (If the drawer is off, inform a manager.)
  • Turn off the credit card reader and LED sign. 
  • Turn off all televisions, Computers, Ipads, power strips. (Amps, keyboards, computer power strip.)
  • Draw curtains/blinds.
  • Return work shirt to rack. If works shirts are dirty, put them in the upstairs laundry basket.
  • Make sure heat is at 60° or air conditioning is off.
  • Clock out.
  • Double check that all doors are locked before leaving.